It’s Me, Your Cat and I’m PO’d

A Little Bit Funny


Hey You!

It’s me, your cat and I’m PO’d. My first complains is you are a meddler. You think you rescued me, but I don’t see it that way. Did it ever occur to you maybe I ran away on purpose? That maybe I just wanted to see the world a little first before settling down? I just needed to find myself, but I never did thanks to you. Now I have to take baths and wear a sweater or a pumpkin Halloween costume. Lame.

My next complaint- privacy. You are constantly taking pictures of me. I feel like god damn George Clooney feels about the paparazzi. If I could wear big sunglasses and/or a trucker hat, believe me I would. And let’s get back to those pictures, shall we? Ever since LOLcats came about, you think you are Picasso. You photoshop them with poor grammar and spelling and think…

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