Phyllis Seymour Hoffman in The Tom Cruise Girlfriend Auditions

In the Fall of 2004, the Church of Scientology embarked on a top secret mission. Could the cousin of Philip Seymour Hoffman be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise?
Written by: Nannette Deasy
Directed and Edited by: Alex Decaneas
Produced by IRTE

Casting Director 1: Robert Baumgardner
Casting Director 2: Jamie Maloney
Phyllis Seymour Hoffman: Nannette Deasy
Edgar Winter: Curt Dixon
Jeff Conaway: Alex Decaneas
Kirstie Alley: Jeff O’Leary
Delivery Boy: Robert Baumgardner

Video by IRTE:
IRTE Website:
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IRTE Twitter:

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